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Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, as well as one of the most popular and well-known gemstones in the world.  With a long history that dates back to ancient Egypt and celebrity fans including Elizabeth Taylor and Cleopatra, the emerald is a gemstone with a rich and interesting history. Read on to… read more

Amethyst, the birthstone for February, is a purple form of quartz with a long and storied history. Throughout time, amethyst has inspired legends, poetry, and myths. It has adorned kings and queens since the ancient times and was once worshiped as one of the most valuable stones in the world. Read on to learn more… read more

Garnet, which is the birthstone for January, is often mistaken for ruby by the amateur eye, since they are both red. However, an experienced eye can tell the difference thanks to the rich, deep red color of the garnet stone. The stone known as the birthstone for January is a dark scarlet, the color of… read more

Just as December offers many holidays and reasons to celebrate along with a birthday, the month offers more birthstones than many others. December has three blue birthstones that each offer a gorgeous hue for any type of jewelry. Read on to learn more about Tanzanite, zircon and turquoise, and the special characteristics of each stone.… read more

There are many stones that are called the birthstone for December, including tanzanite, turquoise and zircon. However, many purists and high end jewelers only recognize the beautiful blue topaz as the rightful birthstone for the month. Rare and eye catching, with a dazzling shade of ocean inspired blue, blue topaz makes a beautiful gift for… read more

One of two birthstones for the month of November, topaz is a precious stone that represents friendship.  The particular variety of topaz that serves as the November birthstone is called precious topaz to distinguish it from blue topaz, which is the birthstone for December. The Colors of Topaz Precious topaz is commonly seen in jewelry… read more

Tourmaline is one of two birthstones for October, along with opal. Available in a variety of brilliant colors, tourmaline is a beautiful semi-precious stone found in many countries around the world. History of Tourmaline As early as the 1700s, tourmaline from Sri Lanka was brought to Europe for sale. The bright colors and brilliant shine… read more

The opal is one of two birthstones for October. While many people believe that opals only come in a pure white color with hints of other jewel tones, the stone is actually one of the most versatile in appearance. The Many Colors of The Opal The opal naturally occurs in a variety of colors, including:… read more

Fall is one of the best seasons to plan a visit to Cincinnati. The weather is perfect for strolling along the river or grabbing a drink at an outdoor table and watching the leaves change color, and special events abound to help you stay busy. As winter approaches, Cincinnati natives try to squeeze as much… read more

The most prestigious blue gemstone, sapphire is considered a high-quality gemstone because of its durability and rich color. In addition to being a beautiful stone, sapphire is a very durable gem which is difficult to break. The only minerals in nature that are harder than sapphire are moissanite and diamond. The universal beauty and popularity… read more